A new blog

So I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever! I’ve been busy, and I kind of forgot I had a blog. But I have a new blog. It’s called A Struggle to Survive

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I’m tired. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of people leaving. I’m tired of being tired. But there’s nothing I can do anymore… I give up. So someone save me please, because I can’t save myself anymore.

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Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

No I love you I shouldn’t have done it I should’ve stopped when she put my fingers to her but I didn’t I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop myself… I love you it was killing me I had to tell you

I couldn’t stop myself because it was the girl I had fantasized about my whole life (literally) she was there my whole life and last night I was a little tipsy and told her that I had fantasized and it just happened I am so sorry… I love you please understand I do… my times up my moms pissed I love you bye

Bullshit bullshit and more bullshit…

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Spark Pledge

I will protest the media’s sexualization of girls.
I will take action to create spaces for the healthy development of girls.
I will resist being reduced to an object.
I will share my knowledge and experience with others to raise awareness.
I will take sexy back.
I will start today.

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here’s to the love of friendship

for the first time, he said he loves me now I know that I love you is overrated these days but you know what the I love you is coming from the kid who didn’t say I love you outside of family members and girlfriends occasionally until the beginning of the summer who’s had so many issues around love you wouldn’t be able to imagine it and though we’ve been such good friends for such a long time he’s never been able to bring himself to say it because it means that that person is going to be abandoning him cuz they don’t feel the same and I’m so glad he trusts me to stay because even though he loves me the most he has the hardest time saying it to me because of that closeness he have and to be honest I never thought I’d be saying it back just because I love you is such a funny thing but I ended up saying it too so now I believe things can move forward ❤

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I give up

hai guise sorry I haven’t been in lately I’ve hit a rough patch and haven’t had the heart to write anything cuz everything hurts, everyone’s leaving and I just don’t know what to do like I feel absolutely alone though I’m sure there’s someone out there cares they haven’t shown it yet and I just can’t take it :/ plus heartbreak and jealousy is taking over and I don’t know how to fix it to not like him cuz I’m falling harder than ever I’m hiding it and he just keeps falling farther and farther away like there was never anything there I’ve been sleeping and crying all weekend so far

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If only I could’ve helped him </3


This pretty much says it all. I just hope his brother gets the help he deserves, cuz he has so much going for him.

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How will you go on?

All I want is a hug from you,
Before you’re gone forever.
One last hug, one last kiss,
One last adorable conversation before you’re dead.
To lose you now isn’t meant to be,
You’re too young to be lost now.

I’ll stick by you as long as you need,
As long as you want, for I’m
Your stable hand in a time
Of dark, just stick by me
Hold my hand, cry away your tears.

But I see you’ve given up now,
So are you happy with yourself?
You got what you wanted from me,
You officially pushed me away.
I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,
But I hope one day you find
A way to continue on alone.

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Bsamaljaha Ke$ha!!! Party time<3

So I’m gonna be a Ke$ha type party girl thing for Halloween. I don’t know how well it’ll turn out. But I’ll post a pic to you guys tomorrow! I’ll probably be with my two good friends, so it’ll turn out slightly awkward. But I’m sure that’s fine(: Anyways. What’re you guys gonna be for Halloween?!

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A summers Breeze

The best thing in life is a simple summer’s breeze, a babies breath. The light giggle of a girl who’s head-over-heels in love. A frog’s croak, the buzzing of crickets and butterflies. There’s no one best thing in life. It’s the simple things, though, that make up what’s best. Splashing of water, and leaves rustling, as people laugh and kids play. Chatter, heartwarming old couples holding hands, it’s all there. Everything’s ready to be seen, and heard. How about that young man, sitting on the corner. He’s humming along to an imaginary song, strumming his guitar. His little girl is sitting next to him, keeping a beat. Together, they push through life. There’s never enough money. He stays up, guarding her as she tries to sleep on an empty stomach. To me, it’s one of the worlds greatest beauties. It gives me hope for humanity, because it shows that people can stay strong and push through life. Together, father and daughter make the ultimate team.
I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily, so I’m here to stay. It’s the difference I can make that’s most important though. God knows it’s worth it. Love never fails, only the heart does. For what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Love hesitates though. Because of who I’m not, I am who I am, and that means I stall on things. Because even though there’s footprints on the moon, the sky is the limit. I scream out your name, not knowing what else to do. I’m this sensitive girl, living in a fragile world. Somebody start fighting to keep me, or I won’t be here anymore. I’ll disappear from this imaginary world, recycling my heart over and over. Forever in pieces, I’m a funny thing.
I’m scared to laugh, because tears might fight to show. This world is so colored that the color’s starting to lose fun, and it’s only beginning. Ending the beginning is only another beginning and end, because it’s starting over, and finishing, and you need to begin the ending, and end the beginning. So do you finish before you begin, or begin as you finish? You begin to finish, so you’re finishing the beginning, and ending the finishing, which means you’re beginning the start, and starting the end. An end is never an end, nor a beginning, and beginning is never an ending, nor a start to things. A beginning is the ending, and an ending is only the beginning. But a beginning isn’t a start, its only an introduction before a conclusion.
One breath is all you need to start over, one breath and eight years. Every eight years, your body cycles over, and it’s totally new. A new thought, a new term. A new everything you need to be who you are.
See, it’s a temptation, that causes a sensation. That sensation is what causes a boy to put a location in a destination, the causes the population to increase in the next generation. Do you need a demonstration or are you getting my explanation? Here I am, almost, almost….. Are you here as well? Cuz this is my story, my hope for all eternity. This is what I live by knowing it’ll save me one day, and I sure hope you can understand, and help save yourself from the dangers of love.

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